Peter Thomas Says Gregg Leakes Could “Never” Beat Him Up
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Peter Thomas Says Gregg Leakes Could “Never” Beat Him Up

Bravo did a very cruel thing to us a little while back, when they showed a preview of the upcoming (very shocking!) Gregg Leakes-Peter Thomas showdown, and then chose not to air it until many weeks later. But the time has finally come for the Real Housewives of Atlanta hubbies to face-off in Mexico, and according to the previews, these Southern gents are not fooling around.

In a new preview for the March 23 ep, we discover that things became heated after Peter gets too up in NeNe Leakes’s face during an argument. Gregg, being the devoted husband that he is, won’t stand to see that, and goes into protection mode — he even threatens Peter’s life saying, “do you want to live?!” Yikes.

And while the actual South of the Border screaming match has yet to take place on-screen, Peter’s already spilling details to Twitter followers behind-the-scenes.

During the March 16 episode, one Peter fan asked, “Is Gregg going to beat you up? Lol," to which Peter responded, “Now THAT would never happen EVER. LOL.” Seem a little sure of yourself there, don’t ya Petey?

At the end of the day, we can’t imagine this disagreement escalating beyond words, so it seems to be a moot point. Gregg has always enjoyed his role as the low-key counterpart to his outspoken wife, and we don’t see that changing anytime soon. But though Gregg may be a little older, Peter shouldn’t discount him — he’s a big dude, and he keeps up with Nay-Nay. You know he’s got a little inner fire in there!

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