Peter Thomas Implies That He Thinks NeNe Leakes Is Weak
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Peter Thomas Implies That He Thinks NeNe Leakes Is Weak

They extended hands across the table, but the battle may not really be over between Peter Thomas and NeNe Leakes.

On the March 30 episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Peter and Cynthia Bailey sat down with NeNe and Gregg, to try and get past NeNe accusing Peter of butting into the women’s business (by trying to be “a damn b-tch”).

But the episode also showed the couples speaking separately, with both pairs sharing very different takes on what happened. NeNe told the cameras she didn’t feel bad for addressing Cynthia’s husband because he’s always addressing everyone else, and she did feel like he was acting like a “b-tch” in that moment.

All episodes are taped in advance, but the cast tends to react to the footage in real-time on Twitter. Cynthia shared her thoughts on her friend NeNe’s behavior, keeping it pretty tame, but you know Peter will just say whatever he’s thinking and that’s what he did during the show.

Peter Thomas Implies That He Thinks NeNe Leakes Is Weak
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"I respect everyone's opinion,” he wrote during the Sunday broadcast, “but 1 thing I won't do is allow people 2 b wreckless in how they talk 2 me or @CynthiaBailey10. PERIOD! #RHOA."

He retweeted fan support — including "@PeterThomasRHOA handled NeNe w/ true class and patience cause another man might not have been so calm and collected ...#rhoa" and "@PeterThomasRHOA good walking away, shows what a classy man you are..... you could have knocked that ninjas out.... lol."

At one point, without context, he tweeted, "Lies lies lies, and more lies." Some fans agreed with that, assuming that it was a reference to NeNe’s comments to the cameras. Peter added, "I never argue with these girls I just state my opinion and some of these girls don't like that. Especially by the weak ones."

Yep, it sounds like he just call NeNe weak — not physically, but in terms of dishing it out without being able to take it. Not a lot of people are willing to stand up to NeNe — maybe because at 5’10” without heels she’s an intimidating presence — but whether it’s his business or not, Peter isn’t one to be shouted-down. In a pretty final thought on the matter, Peter wrote, "Some people could never ever admit that they are wrong no matter what."

In some ways, Peter and NeNe have a lot in common, which may be why they’re both close with the more mild-mannered Cynthia and why they’re clashing now.

Do you think more drama is ahead for Peter and NeNe or did they get it all out of their systems on TV and Twitter?