Peter Thomas Shades Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: “We Are Not on That Bulls—t”
Credit: Moses Robinson/Getty Images for 2013 ICON Awards    
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Peter Thomas Shades Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: “We Are Not on That Bulls—t”

Peter Thomas may be among the least brawl-happy members of the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast, but it looks like when it comes to other reality stars, the entrepreneur isn’t quite as good at keeping his feelings under wraps.

Peter opened up to Uptown Magazine about the differences he noticed between the refined, wine-throwing, hair-pulling attitude of the RHoA cast and the low-class, wine-throwing, hair-pulling attitude of some of the other local talent.

We are not Love and Hip Hop, ok? We are not on that bulls—t,” says Peter. “I take my responsibility much more seriously and it’s not to project that foolishness that they have going on.”

While it’s clear that the women are the stars of the show on RHoA, Peter contends that the show wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for the husbands.

“This last season of the show, the husbands were very vocal and very visible, and there is no doubt we helped to contribute to the enormous success of this season ok?” says Peter. “We were as important to the show as our wives this season.”

While we’re not entirely sure that the husbands are as integral to the show as their wives, it’s good to see that, after dealing with a shuttered business and the infamous NeNe Leakes “bitch” comment, Peter’s getting his groove — and his confidence — back.

Do you think Peter’s comments about the Love & Hip Hop cast are out of line?

Source: Uptown Magazine

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