Did Peter Thomas Just Switch From Team Porsha to Team Kordell? (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Did Peter Thomas Just Switch From Team Porsha to Team Kordell? (VIDEO)

As his wife Cynthia Bailey says, “Peter is never at a loss for words.” But thanks to his outspoken nature, Mr. Thomas finds himself in a bit of hot water with Porsha Williams in the March 9 of Real Housewives of Atlanta. And it’s all over Porsha’s ex-husband Kordell Stewart. Whattt?!

In a sneak peek from the group’s trip to Mexico, we see the ladies and their men enjoying a boozy limo ride to their destination. Whether it’s the liquid courage or just a need for some entertainment, Peter decides this is the right time to bring up his recent sit-down with Kordell.

“No shade but your husband and I had a conversation,” Peter begins tentatively. “We sat down and we talked. I needed to hear the other side of the story. You said you were blindsided with him filing for divorce. And I’m like, why would he do that?”

Porsha is clearly baffled as to why Peter had that secret rendezvous, but he continues on anyway. “This is real talk: He said, ‘I love my wife,’” the Househusband continues.

“I’ve always said I loved Kordell. But that doesn’t mean I was pleased with the way I was treated or where our relationship ended up and how it happened. But we’re still signing the papers,” Porsha fires back, laying down the law on the issue. Fair enough!

It’s definitely strange that Peter felt the need to butt in on the ex-spouses’ relationship. But that’s not what bothers Porsha the most. For her, it’s that Peter seems to have switched sides on the entire issue.

“When the divorce happened, Peter told me, ‘That it was so disgusting for him to have done that, he’s a horrible guy. How could he treat you like this?’ Pretty much Team Porsha. And now you’re having tea at his house. That’s crazy to me!” she says to the Bravo cameras.

Find out what happens next on Real Housewives of Atlanta on Sunday, March 9 at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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