Did Phaedra Parks Make Apollo Nida Stop Hanging Out With Other Women?
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Did Phaedra Parks Make Apollo Nida Stop Hanging Out With Other Women?

Everyone has their vice, and for Phaedra Parks’s husband Apollo Nida, that was spending money at the strip club — and lots of it. The reality hubby came under fire not long ago for dropping $8,000 in one night at the gentlemen’s club, but he has a good explanation for it all.

Apollo rationalizes that though that’s definitely a hefty chunk of change, it’s a splurge just like any other luxury. The Househusband spoke to S2S Magazine and tried to translate it for the female audience.

There’s no difference than $8,000 spent on a strip club versus $8,000 at a Versace store or $15,000 on a Hermès bag,” Apollo equates. “So for NeNe [Leakes] to sit there and say, ‘You should’ve spent that $8,000 on your kids,’ well, you should’ve spent that $15,000 for that Hermès bag on your kids. It’s no difference. It’s what you wanted. It was your vice at that time.”

But these days, Apollo tells the magazine that he no longer goes hard at the club, and he says, “If I go out, I go out.”

The editor wonders him if he still keeps the company of other women, like he did prior to being with wife Phaedra, and whether Phaedra has ever worried about said women.

“I mean, people talk all the time. But infidelity — I haven’t had any issues like that,” Apollo details. “It stopped. Even when we were married, I used to always party with women [because] all my friends were women. I guess that was an issue, so I no longer kick it with women.”

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Source: S2S Magazine

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