Phaedra Parks’ Reveals Baby Dylan’s Nursery!
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Phaedra Parks’ Reveals Baby Dylan’s Nursery!

Southern belle Phaedra Parks loves living over-the-top and her children are no exception. Since Phaedra is known for her extravagant birthday parties, showers, and even "sip and see's," we weren't one bit surprised when we got a glimpse at the nursery she created for her newest addition, little Dylan. It's so cute!

The Real Housewife of Atlanta gave E! News a tour of the baby's room, but for unexplained reasons, the video seems to have disappeared from the site. Luckily, Straight From the A has plenty of pictures that captured Phaedra's decorating talent.

With a color scheme of red, yellow, black, and gray, the room is bright and cheerful. We love the free-standing crib right in the middle of the room and the giant stuffed Snoopy doggie in the corner.

In the E! News article, Phaedra reveals that she designed the whole space online and that she had a very clear vision for what she wanted.

"I went into it thinking, 'I want it to be bold and I want it to be totally different,' and I wanted him to be able to sort of grow and develop with the room," Phaedra explained.

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