Phaedra Parks Threatens to “Slap the Dog S—” Out of “Ratchet” Kenya Moore! (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Phaedra Parks Threatens to “Slap the Dog S—” Out of “Ratchet” Kenya Moore! (VIDEO)

This week’s March 23 episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta brought us the face-off that has been a-brewin’ between Kenya Moore and Phaedra Parks all season now. The sassy undertaker finally stepped to the former Miss USA after catching her in a compromising situation with her hubby, Apollo Nida.

Okay, so Apollo and Kenya weren’t doing anything wrong, per say. But as we saw, Kenya did pull a pretty sneaky move by showing up uninvited to guys’ night, attempting to “clear the air” with her rumored sexting partner. But when Phaedra walked into the room, it just looked like they were getting a little flirty, and she soon storms out. Oops!

The following day, Kenya decides to make use of the final night of the vacay to talk about the “elephant in the room,” bringing up how Phaedra left in the middle of her supposed peacemaking.

“First of all, I have asked you not to speak to my husband,” Phaedra explains, adding, “You should respect that… You’re crossing the line and you’ve done it so many times.”

Uh-oh, you don’t mess with a lawyer/funeral home director. She’ll come for you, bury you with her sharp words, and then throw you a memorial service afterwards. Okay, not really, but PhaePhae sure knows how to cut a lady down.

“So my first thing was like, should I slap the dog s— out of her?” Phaedra snipes at Kenya.

“Oh no, well that’s not going to happen,” Kenya interrupts.

“It could happen,” Phaedra fires back, later adding, “Stop trying to check my husband, we don’t want to be your friend.”

Kenya does not want to let up, however, and she continues to stir the pot, hinting, “Yesterday that’s not what he said…”

“Okay, homewrecker… I see what type of manipulative, ratchet type of chick you are,” Phaedra fires back. Eek!

But after a whole lot of sparring back and forth, Kenya and Phaedra realize that they’re not going to get anywhere with the conversation. The co-stars agree to be cordial, though Ms. Parks makes it clear that she still doesn’t trust Kenya. But hey, at least they got a handshake out of it!

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