Credit: Phaedra Parks on Instagram Photo: Phaedra Parks Enjoys a Night Out With Friends on September 2, 2014

Apollo Nida reportedly has less than a week before he has to turn himself in to a federal prison in Kentucky to begin serving his 8-year sentence for bank fraud and identity theft, but you’d never know that looking at his wife Phaedra Parks’ social media accounts. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not expecting Phae-Phae to wallow and suddenly open up about what Apollo’s jail time will mean for her and their boys, but we were a bit surprised that the Real Housewives of Atlanta star was out having “funtimes” with a group of girlfriends when Apollo’s expected to report to prison on September 10 at noon.

Credit: Phaedra Parks on Instagram Photo: Phaedra Parks Celebraates a Friend's Birthday on September 2, 2014

On September 2, Phaedra was spotted out with several close friends, one of whom was celebrating her birthday. “#funtimes with my girls!!!,” Phaedra captioned one four-part Instagram post of her enjoying the company of her gal pals. Phaedra’s friends don’t look immediately familiar to us, but how cute does our girl look in those oversized glasses?! We think she should make those specs a wardrobe staple ASAP.

Even though Phaedra has been very tight-lipped about her recent problems, she did stress the importance of good friends in the caption for another photo, this one with the birthday girl herself. “Happy HaPpY HAPPY BiRtHdaY @selamw thank you for being the best buddy and sweetest friend a girl could ask for!!!” Phaedra writes. “I love you.”

Given the fact that she’s got gals like these in her life, maybe we shouldn’t be too surprised that Phaedra is choosing to spend time with them instead of Apollo. After all, things between the couple seem to be very tense at best. Phaedra was a no-show at Apollo’s sentencing earlier this summer, they’ve only been photographed together a handful of times in the last several months, and back in July Apollo even admitted that he “doubts” his marriage will survive his 8-year prison sentence.

Are you surprised Phaedra was out with friends so soon before Apollo is due in prison? Think her marriage to Apollo will make it? Sound off below!