Phaedra Parks Wasn’t at Apollo Nida’s Sentencing Because She’s “Pissed” and “Embarrassed”
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Phaedra Parks

Phaedra Parks Wasn’t at Apollo Nida’s Sentencing Because She’s “Pissed” and “Embarrassed”

With eight years of prison time ahead of him, it’s no wonder Apollo Nida’s relationship with wife Phaedra Parks is at an all-time low.

While Apollo has made it clear that he hopes Phaedra will stand by his side while he does his bid, she didn’t even manage to make it to his sentencing, opting instead to party with pals in Mexico while her hubby was handed down his fate.

A source close to the Real Housewives of Atlanta stars says that Phaedra’s pride is getting in the way of her ability to support her husband during what is likely the most difficult period in their marriage.

“Phaedra is pissed at Apollo,” the insider tells “She is embarrassed by him and is trying to distance herself from him. As a lawyer being married to someone like Apollo hurts her career, and she spent so much time defending him — its made her look like a fool.”

While only time will tell if Phaedra chooses to stick with Apollo while he’s in jail, it’s clear that the couple’s friends are willing to support them during this tough time.

Even Phaedra’s feud with Kenya Moore seems to have been put on the backburner for the moment. In light of Apollo’s sentence, Kenya said of her former nemesis, “I have to wish her well.”

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