Pharrell Williams Debuts “Come Get It Bae” Featuring Miley Cyrus! (VIDEO)
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Pharrell Williams Debuts “Come Get It Bae” Featuring Miley Cyrus! (VIDEO)

Been wondering where Miley Cyrus ran off to? When she’s not sunbathing her breastases out in the desert, you can find her singing along with Pharrell Williams. As the two have not so subtly hinted, they’ve collaborated on a new song. And so “Come Get It Bae” was born.

The whole music video is below and it’s a series of women not fully committing to twerking as Pharrell films them (it’s really not as creepy as that description makes it sound like). Miley doesn’t appear until about two minutes in but we’re pretty sure that’s her yelling “ha” in the background as Pharrell introduces us to the tune that may finally supplant “Happy” in our minds.

When Miles comes and get it, she does it with a sneer on and flowers in her hair. Wearing a white halter and jean cutoff shorts, she rocks out with her bad self while pouring some sugar à la Def Leppard. She looks to be having a hell of a time with Pharrell because, come on, he’s Pharrell. That man’s supernaturally talented at two things: wearing hats and writing incredibly catchy songs.

You tell us: Is “Come Get It Bae” the next “Happy” or too much “ha,” not enough clapping? Tell us in the comments!

Source: Pharrell Williams on YouTube