Philip Seymour Hoffman Will Be Digitally Recreated For The Hunger Games: Mockingjay
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The Hunger Games

Philip Seymour Hoffman Will Be Digitally Recreated For The Hunger Games: Mockingjay

Philip Seymour Hoffman’s tragic death of an overdose on February 2 may have happened before he was finished filming his scenes in the second part of Mockingjay, but The Hunger Games crew is determined to include him just as he would have been if he was alive.

How? The New York Post reports that Philip will be digitally recreated through “computer graphics and camera tricks” as Plutarch Heavensbee for a major scene he had yet to shoot instead of rewriting the script to work around his character’s absence.

“You can do digital things, you can have conversations where you’re not focusing on him but the people he’s talking to,” a source from the film’s production company, Lionsgate, said.

Philip had just seven days left of filming on Mockingjay: Part 2 before he was found dead in his Manhattan apartment among more than 50 bags of heroin. His autopsy has been performed but results, so far, have been inconclusive.

The cast resumed working on the film after his death for the first time Wednesday when Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, Julianne Moore, and other cast members were spotted on set in Atlanta.

We’re not sure how we feel about a “digital recreation” of Philip, but we’re glad to see the film’s crew has found a way to include him, especially since his character plays such an important role. If we can trust anyone to pull off something like this, it’s the amazing people behind The Hunger Games.

Source: New York Post

02.7.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Nicole Pomarico
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