Would You Turn Your Placenta Into a Teddy Bear?
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Would You Turn Your Placenta Into a Teddy Bear?

Remember when Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry welcomed her son, Lincoln Marshall Marroquin, into the world on November 16? Of course you do, because it was also the fated day that Kailyn had her placenta dehydrated and encapsulated to snack on postpartum. Good times!

Kailyn's come under a lot of criticism from fans who are totally weirded out by the concept of eating their own body parts, but please. There are so many stranger things she could have done with that placenta. She could have fried it up and had it for breakfast, planted it under a tree, or turned it into an adorable teddy bear! Because, yes, that's a thing.

Note: you might want to put down that bag of chips. You will no longer be hungry from here on out.

Apparently, placenta teddy bears are an up-and-coming way for parents to preserve the sack of goo that nourished their child for 9 months, and designer Alex Green is ready and waiting to make one for you. Green started making the teddy bears in 2008, and the process is pretty simple thanks to some salt-curing and egg-rubbing. (Insert side-eyes here.)

Green says that the cured placenta is "somewhere between leather and suede," and though he hasn't started an official business making them, he claims that they're "quite soft" and huggable. Because who doesn't want to hug what used to be a bloody organ?

Would you turn your placenta into a bear, or are you reaching for a brown paper bag to deep breathe into right about now?

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11.25.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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