Is Nikki Ferrell Already Planning Wedding to Juan Pablo Galavis? Rumor Patrol
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Nikki Ferrell

Is Nikki Ferrell Already Planning Wedding to Juan Pablo Galavis? Rumor Patrol

In a report straight out of left field, it seems that Juan Pablo Galavis is having his wedding planned without lifting a finger.

Say what?

Well, according to a little digging done by Life & Style, Juan Pablo’s chosen one, 27-year-old Nikki Ferrell, is already hard at work pinning her little heart out. The Kansas City, Missouri-dwelling girl is said to have started a Pinterest page (user name nikaye29) with boards on Christmas crafting, fashion, domestic-ness, cooking, daydreaming, and — most importantly — her wedding.

“My Someday Wedding” is a page with 88 pins, featuring wedding flowers, lace-bodiced wedding dresses, kicky short reception dresses, engagement shots, and more. It’s not surprising that a girl who has worked as a model, starring in wedding dress-focused spreads, would be into the fashion side of things. But as for the engagement rings, with lots of rose gold and various cuts of diamonds, perhaps she’s hoping to send a message?

A pal apparently told L&S that she’s “been planning this day forever” — regardless of the fact that Juan Pablo has yet to propose, and refused to say “I love you” on The Bachelor 2014 finale. Says the blonde’s friend, “She doesn’t want to scare him away by telling him that she’s planning the wedding. She’s just trying to convince him that she’s ‘the one.’"

OK, so what’s the deal here? Well, we don’t even know for sure that this is Nikki’s Pinterest board, though the Facebook icon on her page is linked correctly. If it is hers, who cares? Most girls who go on a show that traditionally ends in a proposal are probably thinking about marriage, right? Also, if this is hers, she has great taste.

What do you think: Is this really Nikki’s Pinterest page? If so, what does it say about her relationship that she’s already planning some wedding details?

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