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Celebrity Transformation

Hollywood Boob Jobs — 6 Celebs Who Admitted to Getting Plastic Surgery! (VIDEO)

Honesty is the breast best policy, so why not be open about where those D cups came from? These Hollywood gals are working against gravity with their enhanced bods and they're totally candid about it.

Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham got C-sized breast implants in 2010 and then she underwent a second breast augmentation surgery to upgrade to a D cup a few years later. "When I have a bra on they kiss each other," Farrah has said of her lady friends.

Who else has gotten their boobs done? Our girl Kelly Rowland, Kaley Cuoco, and more!

Check out the video to see which famous gals are admitting that their perfect cleavage isn't exactly nature's doing. Are you surprised? Sound off in the comments!