The Best-Kept Plastic Surgery Secrets in Hollywood (VIDEO)

Plenty of stars have had a little enhancement over the years, but not all of them have kept the secret as well as these celebs! Hollyscoop dug up the dirt on which famous faces and figures might have had a touch-up or two over the years and some of the names on the list totally shocked us!

Take for example our favorite fallen Disney star. Miley Cyrus is rumored to have her nose done — though a side-by-side with her Hannah Montana self has us throwing a bit of salt on this juicy bit of gossip.

Easier to believe are reports model Miranda Kerr’s perfect body had a little extra crafting thanks to a doctor. The mother of one and former flame of Orlando Bloom supposedly went under the knife to get her upper assets upped, which, honestly, makes us feel a whole lot better about how perfect she looks in lingerie.

Ladies aren’t the only ones who made the cut. Even hunks like Brad Pitt have had a little work done and somehow kept it under the radar. Interested to see what other stars (including which member of supergroup Destiny’s Child) come with a touch of plastic? Keep watching the video above!