Spencer\'s Bangs Might Give a Major Clue In The ‘PLL’ Premiere
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Spencer’s Bangs Might Give a Major Clue In The ‘PLL’ Premiere


Fashion has always played a major role in Pretty Little Liars — who could forget Hanna’s goth-phase black hair streaks, Aria’s comic book dress, or Alison’s iconic yellow shirt?

But the Season 7 PLL premiere might be the first time a Liar’s killer haircut could give a major clue about a plotline.

Spencer has been rocking the fringe bangs ever since the time jump in Season 6B. But flash back to Hanna after she’s been abducted in the premiere.

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Spencer appears to Hanna, offering a hug, a song, a pep talk, and — most importantly — a hint to a way out with her reminder that, “if there’s a way in, there’s a way out.”

It was an important scene for these two besties, particularly since they’re currently two points on a messy love triangle with Caleb at the center. It’s a reminder to us that, no matter what happens in that scenario, their friendship bond is powerful:

“Will you stay with me?” asks Hanna.

“Always,” Spencer replies.

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While it would be nice to write off this scene as just a loving moment between two pals, we know Pretty Little Liars isn’t always that simple. Notice Spencer’s hair? She is bang-free.

Knowing I. Marlene King and the attention PLL pays to fashion choices, it’s unlikely this is a mistake. Could it be one of these three scenarios?

1. Spencer Is Hanna’s Hallucination

Spencer could just be Hanna’s vision, dreamed up in a state of stress and pain. The two both refer to it being a dream in the scene itself, and Hanna could just be picturing the Spencer she grew up with and has always loved.

Um, but… the Liars’ “hallucinations” have almost always been real.

After Hanna was hit by a car in Season 1, “dead” Ali appeared in her hospital room. Turns out, it wasn’t a dream; Ali was actually alive, and there. The same “dream” happened to every other Liar, as well as Mona.

If this is a dream, it would be one of the first important ones that turned out to be not real.

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2. Someone Is in a Spencer Mask

Scooby Doo-style masks are officially a thing in Rosewood. Now anyone can look like anyone else — and even a doll can look frighteningly like Hanna — would it be that odd for a villain to pretend to be Spencer?

Notice one question Spencer has for Hanna: “You told them the truth, right?”

Who would want to know this information more than whomever abducted Hanna? If Hanna isn’t giving up any information on who killed Charlotte, maybe her captor had a new plan: pretend to be someone Hanna knows and trusts and try to get her to spill.

3. Spencer Is a Twin

It wouldn’t be a PLL episode without a twin theory. This one, however, might have some evidence to back it up.

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Remember in the PLL premiere when Spencer had tea with Mary Drake? The scene was heavy with twin references. First of all, Mary herself is a twin with Jessica DiLaurentis. Then, Mary is staring at a photo of Spencer with Melissa and says, “You and your sister look so much alike… almost like twins.”

Is Spencer a twin, not with Melissa, but with bang-free Spencer? I. Marlene King has said one of the Liars could be “A,” so it’s definitely a theory to hang on to as we head into the season.

Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.

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