Viggle Points For Free Music — It’s the Best Thing Since Napster!


Viggle Points For Free Music — It’s the Best Thing Since Napster!

Don't worry — you don't have to admit that you haven't always paid for music. We all lived through the early '00s, people.

But now, thanks to Viggle, you can download free music completely legally — and without the risk of computer viruses! (Take that, Napster! And what, Kazaa?!)

We know you've been accumulating mucho Viggle Points by watching Wetpaint videos — so now you can put those points to work. A lifetime's worth of music is yours for the downloading.

So how do you start redeeming those points? It's surprisingly easy.

Just head over to Viggle Store at to check out the countless songs, albums, and box sets — all ready to be yours.

Then, once you click on an item you want to own, just hit the purple download button!

We recommend using the Viggle Digital Downloader for easy, breezy, beautiful downloading — but you can always save the music as MP3 files straight to your computer.

Then, if you want to put that music into your iTunes library, that's totally cool — just import it. It doesn't happen automatically since, y'know, we're not iTunes.

Have more questions about the download process? We'd be willing to bet Jennifer Lawrence's Oscar statuette that you'll find the answers here.

Happy jamming, people!

06.10.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Dan Clarendon
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