Bachelor 2014 Poll: Would You Have Gotten Naked for a Good Cause?
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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2014 Poll: Would You Have Gotten Naked for a Good Cause?

The Bachelor is always pushing the contestants to do crazy things, and most of the ladies have no problem wearing tiny bikinis, tight cocktail dresses, and other garments made out of a foot of fabric, but last night reached a new level of clotheslessness.

The girls were asked to get into various states of undress, and two of them were given just a sign to wear, which clearly made them uncomfortable. Both women were shaken, and each tried to resolve it in her own way.

On the group date, Juan Pablo Galavis’s gal pals dressed up for a Models 'n' Mutts photo shoot to support Best Friends Animal Society of Los Angeles and ultimately save dogs' lives. It’s a great cause, but ultimately the 13 women on the date didn’t have a lot of choice over their wardrobe, and there wasn’t a lot left to the imagination.

Elise Mosca didn't want to get naked, so she did what any good Survivor player would do: she made an alliance with Lucy Aragon and they traded costumes.

Andi Dorfman, on the other hand, was also given a tiny sign and had an existential crisis about what to do. The main source of it? Well, she’s a lawyer who puts gang members away for a living — not a professional model, “free spirit,” “dog lover” or former sports team dancer — meaning her job requires her credibility to be undamaged by nudity. Ultimately, Andi’s dilemma earned her some one-on-Juan time with the Bachelor, and he helped to convince her to go through with it, telling her he was right there with her, comfort-wise, and dropping his own drawers.

What would you have done? Are you fine stripping for charity, figuring when in Bachelor Nation, do as the free spirits do? Everyone pokes fun at Lucy for being a little too comfortable naked, but it’s worse to pressure someone to get naked when she’s not comfortable. Or, would you have told that smug director fellow with the blue facial hair where to stick it, and gone on your merry way?

Would you have tried to trade for a different costume? Do it for the dogs? Do it to be close to JPG? Do it on the condition that Chris Harrison gets naked too? Share below!

I was so uncomfortable for them

I loved that date!