Credit: Kim Kardashian on Celebuzz; Karolina Wojtasik/A&E

The holiday season is a time of family and togetherness, and two of Wetpaint Entertainment's favorite families have already started making Christmas a gigantic deal: The Kardashians and The Robertsons.

So how are these two clans decking the halls? So far, the Kardashians did a Christmas card photoshoot with famed photographer David LaChapelle, while the Duck Dynasty stars released a country album. But this doesn't tell us a whole lot about their day-of festivities! Before we vote, let's speculate on what the day might look like with either family.

The Kardashians

The Dress Code: High fashion. Pajamas are probably okay for first thing in the morning, as long as they're Chanel.

The Decorations: For better or for worse, it'll probably look something like the ballroom from Cinderella. Take your pick of which adaptation.

Oh, and we already know that their Christmas tree is super huge.

The Presents: We already saw the Kardashian clan exchange gifts on the December 1 episode, "A Very Merry Christmas," but we bet they have some family-only gifts up their sleeve — and they're probably crazy-fancy. This is the family that included an Apple TV in their white elephant exchange!

Baby North West owns a Givenchy T-shirt that goes for $700 in adult sizes just by virtue of being a baby, so we're expecting designer clothes and jewelry in at least the four-figure price range for such a momentous gift-giving occasion. Last year, for example, then 17-year-old Kendall nabbed a pair of $1,200 Christian Louboutin heels.

The Dinner: For their Christmas Eve party last year, the Kardashians just had traditional fare — ham, turkey, etc. — but it's possible they get fancier when they're not partying with 200 of their closest friends. Foie Gras, anyone?

The Conversation: It could really go anywhere. Past Kardashian dinner table conversations have included placenta and Kris Jenner's sex tape.

Potential Family Drama: If the rumors are true about Kim and Kanye's Christmas plan-related fight, their absence — or Kanye's reluctant presence — could make tensions high.

The Robertsons

The Dress Code: It seems like camo, denim, and bandanas are always the go-to with this family, so you'll at least be comfortable here.

The Decorations: Fans of the show know what Robertson family Christmases looks like.

Credit: Zach Dilgard/A&E

The Presents: The Robertsons are fans of creature comforts, like a comfortable, well-worn chair, or blowing stuff up. We imagine presents from them veering less towards luxury goods and more towards stuff that's both fun and has some utility. Wrapped boxes with truck or motorcycle keys inside, sporting and hunting supplies, and maybe the occasional home-repaired hot tub are what we're expecting from this family.

The Dinner: As we know from the turkey cook-off in Season 1, the Robertsons can cook up a mean bird — freshly killed, too. We suspect that if you're vegetarian you're pretty much SOL here, though.

The Conversation: Probably mostly about the process of hunting, killing, and cooking the bird. Maybe the occasional newly-discovered YouTube video, now that the the guys have gotten around Willie's firewall.

Potential Family Drama: There could be some snide remarks over how the food was prepared — but more likely some wacky antics took a wrong turn. Either way, it should be fun as an outside observer.

So, which family gathering sounds more like your cup of hot cider? High luxury with the Kardashians, or a classic country affair with the Robertsons? Vote below, and let us know why in the comments!

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