Well, this is kind of awkward. In the never ending saga that is the Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez relationship, Justin has made a move for Selena… again, and in the best way he knows how: Instagram.

According to Us Weekly, on Wednesday Justin posted (and then deleted) a close-up photo of himself with Selena, where the pair appear to be hugging. “Our love is unconditional,” he captioned the picture.

But even though Justin was quick to take the picture right back down, fans were quicker, and one managed to save the photo and reupload it for those of us who might have missed it the first time around. It’s definitely an intimate shot — we just can't figure out whether it was taken recently or if this is an old pic Justin found during a walk down memory lane.

So what does this mean for Justin and Selena? Hopefully not that they’ve reunited (for the 57th time), because we could use a break from their relationship drama, and we have a feeling they could, too. But something is going on, even if it’s just Justin missing what he once had with his former flame.

The most recent news we’ve heard about Justin’s love life is that he was reportedly hooking up with supermodel Adriana Lima while in Cannes last month, so this is definitely a quick turn-around for the singer. We’d usually try to decode what Justin’s trying to say about his relationship with Selena, but… we have a feelng it’ll be over before it’s even begun.

What do you think: Are Justin and Selena back together again? Are they better off apart?

Source: Us Weekly, Instagram

Credit: AOL Photo: Justin Bieber Deletes Intimate Picture With Selena Gomez (VIDEO)