Which Pop Star Did Lexi Manzo Want to DM?
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Which Pop Star Did Lexi Manzo Want to DM?

Does being the daughter of a Real Housewives of New Jersey star offer you special privileges? Dina Manzo's daughter Lexi Manzo seems to hope so, given that she wants to have a private chat with a certain celebrity stud.

We're excited that Dina and daughter Lexi will be rejoining RHoNJ for Season 6, since we've missed getting to see them on our TVs lately. Lexi has certainly grown up since we saw her on RHoNJ, and just like many other teenage girls, she has a crush on a certain boy band member.

Which Pop Star Did Lexi Manzo Want to DM?
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"Lexi thought it would be a great idea to send @Harry_Styles a DM on Instagram," Dina tweeted on December 19. "I'm sure no one else thought to do that..." Oh, Mom! You're so embarrassing!

We actually think it's cute that Lexi wants to get her chat on with the adorable Harry Styles of One Direction. Then again, we can't imagine that Kendall Jenner — who is rumored to be dating Harry at the moment — would be all too keen about that idea.

That said, Lexi has certainly come into her own of late and is becoming quite the beauty, as her recent class portrait can attest.

Do you think Lexi should date a celebrity — and do you think she and Harry would be a good match? Or would Harry be better off with you?

Source: Dina on Twitter