Unforgettable’s Poppy Montgomery Reveals Casual, Secret Disneyland Wedding!
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Unforgettable’s Poppy Montgomery Reveals Casual, Secret Disneyland Wedding!

Poppy Montgomery had a truly Unforgettable wedding — but for someone who plays a detective with unparallelled memory in the CBS procedural, she had no problem forgetting to share the happy news with the public!

That's right, the 38-year-old Aussie married Microsoft boss Shawn Sanford months ago — and she only revealed her nuptials today, April 4, on Live! With Kelly and Michael. (The two lovebirds welcomed a child together, Violet Grace, almost a year ago.)

"On Chinese New Year, I ran away with all of the children and got married at Disneyland," she announced. That means Poppy and Shawn tied the knot on January 31.

"My mother was horrified," Poppy revealed. "She was like, 'How do you turn Disneyland into Vegas? You don't run away to Disneyland and get married!'"

The kids the newlyweds share, however, weren't disappointed by the setting but were disappointed in Poppy's decision to wear jeans for the occasion: "The children were so in awe of Mickey and Minnie that they didn't really pay attention to the wedding, and then my stepdaughter said, 'Why is Minnie dressed better than you?'"

Sounds like Minnie broke that cardinal wedding rule and upstaged the bride — but it sounds like Poppy was too laid back and in love to care!

Source: Live! With Kelly and Michael

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