Most Popular Baby Girl Names For 2013 (So Far): Imogen, Katniss, and More!
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Most Popular Baby Girl Names For 2013 (So Far): Imogen, Katniss, and More!

When my husband and I were thinking of baby names before finding out the gender, the female names flowed like wine, whereas the boy names were a bit tougher. As my husband put it, you can get more creative with girls, but you worry about boys getting picked on out on the playground for a name like Eugene. It must be a dude thing.

In case you missed it, Nameberry unveiled their list of the most popular baby names for 2013 so far, which is based on the number of times their name pages are viewed. We took a look at the boys' names first, and now here are the girls' names!

There are some — uh — rather interesting monikers on the list for girls. At No. 10 is the Hunger Games-inspired Katniss. May the odds forever be in her favor, as she’s going to need it. I would have gone with Primrose, but that’s just me!

So what's the No. 1 name? That would be Imogen! Perhaps all that royal baby fever is behind this name's rise to the top, as the moniker is very popular in Britain.

We had considered Isla (No. 8) when we were coming up with names, but we were worried people might pronounce it phonetically, as it’s actually pronounced Eye-la. Seraphina (No. 7) may be a celeb-inspired name, as that is one of the daughters of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. Interestingly enough, Violet (No. 5) is also on the list, and that is also an Affleck/Garner baby name.

Otherwise, we’d have to say the list is quite lovely, with names like Amelia (No. 6) and Harper (No. 3) being nothing but cute. The only thing that’s hard is seeing your own baby’s name on a list like this, as most parents try to come up with something at least fairly original.

Check out the entire Top 20 below, and see the full list of 100 at Nameberry:

1. Imogen

2. Charlotte

3. Harper

4. Eleanor

5. Violet

6. Amelia

7. Seraphina

8. Isla

9. Penelope

10. Katniss

11. Evelyn

12. Ava

13. Maeve

14. Cora

15. Olivia

16. Merida

17. Alice

18. Adelaide

19. Sophia

20. Elizabeth

Source: Nameberry

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