Porsha Stewart on Apollo Nida and Kenya Moore: “Something Inappropriate Definitely Took Place” (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Porsha Stewart on Apollo Nida and Kenya Moore: “Something Inappropriate Definitely Took Place” (VIDEO)

Following Part 3 of the Season 6 Reunion of the Real Housewives of Atlanta on Sunday, May 4, Porsha Stewart stopped by the Bravo Clubhouse for a very special one-on-one with Andy Cohen. Since Porsha ended up leaving the reunion taping early after her altercation with Kenya Moore, Andy had a lot to talk about with her.

After addressing the biggest issue on the table, her physical fight with Kenya, Andy got Porsha's take on several of the topics discussed over the course of the three-part reunion. Among the controversies was the alleged sexting scandal between Kenya and Phaedra Parks's hubby, Apollo Nida.

When Andy asked Porsha to weigh in with her theories, she surprised him by revealing that she thinks something did happen between Apollo and Kenya.

"I definitely think something inappropriate took place," she said, explaining, "There's some fire there. That much smoke… something's there."

Porsha goes on to add that what she didn't understand was why Kenya kept the problem rolling after Phaedra appeared to let it go.

"What I feel though, whatever it was, it was done a couple of years ago and I think that Kenya may have just wanted it to keep living for some reason. I don't know why after she had the conversation with Phaedra, it had to continue where she then had to go talk to Apollo," Porsha told Andy.

In other words, if Phaedra had moved on from the situation, Porsha doesn't see why Kenya felt a need to approach Apollo in Mexico and bring the drama back to the forefront.

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