Porsha Stewart Talks Being Mistaken For Arsenio Hall in Drag (VIDEO)
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Porsha Stewart Talks Being Mistaken For Arsenio Hall in Drag (VIDEO)

There’s no doubt that Porsha Williams is a gorgeous girl — so why are people telling her she looks like a man?

The 31-year-old “Flatline” singer, who is currently co-hosting Dish Nation’s radio show for the summer, confessed to her new colleagues about a particularly unfortunate case of mistaken identity.

After recounting NBC Philadelphia’s recent flub, in which they posted a photo of O.J. Simpson, mistaking him for recently injured actor Tracy Morgan, Porsha’s co-hosts asked if she’d ever been mistaken for her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars Kenya Moore or NeNe Leakes. While she denied being mistaken for her RHoA co-stars, Porsha admitted that she does have a celebrity doppelganger — and it’s a much older man!

Porsha revealed, “I haven’t gotten either one of them but I have gotten Arsenio Hall.”

When asked by host Headkrack why that might be, Porsha responded, “They are specifically talking about when he was in coming to America and he was dressed up as a woman.”

Despite the less-than-flattering comparison, Porsha said she’s not sweating the possible similarities, and confessed that she can even see them herself.

“I am like half way pissed when I see it but then I’m like it’s kind of true,” she joked.

Do you think there’s a resemblance between Porsha and Arsenio? Who do you think is her celebrity doppelganger? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

Source: Dish Nation