Why Is Porsha Stewart a Bad Friend? NeNe Leakes Says… (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Why Is Porsha Stewart a Bad Friend? NeNe Leakes Says… (VIDEO)

Tears were shed on last Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta when NeNe Leakes once again let Porsha Stewart know that she was a “bad friend.” NeNe told Porsha she wasn’t pulling her weight in their friendship several weeks ago when the gals were in Savannah, noting that she gives plenty of support to Porsha, but receives little to nothing in return.

At Mallorie’s jewelry trunk show last week the other gals were surprised to learn that Porsha had moved into NeNe’s neighborhood but neglected to tell Ms. Leakes about her new address. Porsha specifically asked them not to spill the beans before she had a chance to tell NeNe herself, but Kenya Moore just couldn’t help but let it slip. Of course this sent NeNe off on another “bad friend” tirade and soon Porsha was running away in tears.

When NeNe was on Watch What Happens Live last Sunday she clarified exactly why Porsha needs to improve in the friend department. After a hilarious “bad friend” Bravo remix, NeNe told Andy Cohen, “Being a friend is not a one-way street,” she began. “I can’t just always be there for you and you never be there for me, it’s just not cool. And I hate friends that are always pulling and taking from you and they never give.”

Porsha, on the other hand, gave NeNe high marks as a close pal.

Clearly NeNe still believes there’s plenty of room for Porsha to improve, but the two still get along. When Andy asked where the pair stand now, NeNe said, “We’re fine. I love Porsha, I think Porsha’s great, she just has a lot to learn.”

And let’s be honest, is there anyone better to teach Porsha how to be a good friend then Mrs. Lenithia Leaks? We think not!

Do you agree with NeNe that Porsha is a bad friend? Check out her complete explanation in the video below and tell us what you think!