Porsha Stewart: I’ve Been Communicating With Kordell (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Porsha Stewart: I’ve Been Communicating With Kordell (VIDEO)

We were a bit surprised when Porsha Stewart decided to text her estranged husband, Kordell, during the girl’s trip to Savannah on last Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. But, with NeNe’s Leakes’s blessing, an emotional Porsha went ahead and reached out to her ex.

Now that she’s back in Atlanta, Porsha is understandably apprehensive about telling her protective family that she’s reopened the lines of communication with Kordell. In a new sneak peek below, Porsha tells the Bravo cameras. “My family, I knew that they were protective over me, but they have stepped up and have been extremely protective of me since the divorce. If they had their way they would wipe Kordell off the face of the earth, and I would never have any contact with him ever again.”

Porsha’s protective crew is understandably surprised by this new development, but this time even Porsha realizes she’s better off without her ex in her life. Though she did call Kordell when he took too long to text her back, Porsha now sees that her ex’s controlling ways haven’’t changed. According to Porsha, Kordell admitted to not really wanting the divorce, but said her only options were to come home to him or leave for good and fend for herself.

Since Porsha’s family is familiar with Kordell, his reaction wasn’t a surprise to them. “In Kordell’s case, my wife is my possession, under my ownership and all that kind of thing,” her mom notes.

And though it likely wasn’t what she was expecting, Kordell’s reaction was just the closure that Porsha needed to proceed with the divorce. “I really think, now, looking back, that it wasn’t a good idea to reach out to Kordell. I’m not trying to be controlled by him and manipulated, so for me, at this point, I really want this divorce to be over so I can just move forward with my life.”

Do you think that Porsha was right in reaching out to Kordell, or should she have left well enough alone? Tell us your thoughts below!

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