Porsha Stewart Confirms Kordell Will Be on RHoA This Season (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Porsha Stewart Confirms Kordell Will Be on RHoA This Season (VIDEO)

When The Real Housewives of Atlanta super trailer was released several months ago, it contained a scene featuring Porsha Stewart’s now ex-husband Kordell. So far Season 6 of the hit show has been Kordell-less, but Porsha confirmed that her former hubby will be making an appearance on the reality hit during her appearance on Watch What Happens Live on January 5.

The subject came up when a caller phoned in and asked Porsha why she felt compelled to call her estranged husband during the trip to Savannah a few weeks back. Noting that Savannah was a “sensitive time for everybody,” Porsha explained, “I was in the middle of the divorce at that moment and I hadn’t spoken to him at all so it just felt like the attorneys were in between us and I hadn’t gotten a chance to actually talk to him. So me wanting to make sure that I did everything I could before I left the marriage I decided to just put on my big girl panties and reach out and try to contact him.”

When Andy mentioned that Kordell might not be thrilled with his portrayal on the show, Porsha, who says she has talked to her ex “a couple of times” since the season began back in November, was quick to point out that Kordell has a chance to tell his side of the story later this season.

“I feel like I express myself on the show,” Porsha said on WWHL. “He came back on the show, which he said he would never do, and he expressed himself and that’s good for him because that way he can get it out and we can just move on from it.”

After such a nasty split and vowing never to do RHoA again, we have to say we’re pretty surprised that Kordell chose to return, but at least we’ll get to learn about the shocking separation from his point of view.

Are you surprised that Kordell will appear on RHoA later this season? Check out the full clip and weigh in with your thoughts below!