Porsha Stewart Confirms She Had Plastic Surgery! (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Porsha Stewart Confirms She Had Plastic Surgery! (VIDEO)

Porsha Williams has really impressed us with how far she’s come over the last year. The Real Housewives of Atlanta newbie was basically an obedient trophy wife when we met her in Season 5. Now, she’s proven herself to be an independent, self-confident woman with a budding music career! And while we’d expect her to have denied any plastic surgery rumors a year ago, she’s now not only addressing them, but owning up!

If you’d noticed something a little different about Miss Porsha recently, you weren’t off-base. The “Flatline” singer has shown off some noticeably fuller breasts in Instagram pics of late, which caused many to speculate that she’d gone under the knife.

When the recently-single gal went on BET’s 106 & Park this week, the host put her on the spot about whether she’d had plastic surgery. And Porsha didn’t even hesitate with her answer!

“Yes, I have! Recently, I did!” she responded enthusiastically. Well, that was forthcoming!

“What do you mean, 'recently'?” the host asked, looking for further info on what sort of procedure she’d had done. But Porsha wasn’t going to give it all up that easily, and decided to leave a little element of mystery.

“Recently! I can’t tell you; you have to guess,” she responded, laughing. From there, the interviewer hazarded a guess, whispering a slang word for breasts, which caused Porsha to blush.

“My momma tells me not to say that word!” the RHoA star yelled, completely aghast, to which the host fired back, “So bosoms?”

Nope, this girl ain’t budgin’. “If you say the right word she called ‘em, I’ll say yes,” she teased. No point in acting coy Porsha dear, we know what you’re implying.

Hey, at least she pretty much just copped to her work done. And why shouldn’t she? This girl looks great, and she’s allowed to be proud of it. We respect this so much more than those who claim they just found some miracle bra or are “well-rested.” Big props!

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Source: BET