Porsha Stewart Defends Decision to Blow Off Rehearsal: Kandi Burruss Was With Me!
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Porsha Stewart Defends Decision to Blow Off Rehearsal: Kandi Burruss Was With Me!

You can’t always trust what you see on TV! The tricky Real Housewives of Atlanta producers and editors like to stir the pot for drama, and it sounds like what we saw from Porsha Williams Stewart on the March 30 show didn’t quite match up with what happened in real life.

It looked like Porsha blew off rehearsals for Kandi Burruss’s play, A Mother’s Love, and instead went clubbing. After the show, a fan tweeted, “Sooo i usually love me some @Porsha4real but she’s actin a fool on this episode! #RHOA.” Porsha wrote back, “what I do?” Another fan piped in, “probably not show up to rehearsal and went to the club lmfao.”

Porsha wrote back to both of them, explaining, "they edited out Kandi she was at club with me & The had me travel to WWHL for a mandatory interview not my fault." She added in another convo, which copied Kandi, "right I mean hey it is for entertainment. But just know I respect her and I took that opportunity serious."

Oh, Bravo. Sigh. That’s one of the downfalls of going on a reality TV show — any of them — you have no control over how you’re represented and what they splice together from your footage.

But it’s all good, and the other day Kandi shared an Instagram clip of Porsha singing a snippet of a song from A Mother's Love. The soundtrack and DVD are coming out on April 8. "When I 1st casted @porsha4real in #AMothersLove things started off a little shaky but things quickly turned around & Porsha did a great job!” Kandi wrote. Check out some of the music here.

Are you glad Porsha made it clear that she didn’t just blow off rehearsals?