Porsha Stewart on Kenya Moore: “I’m Dealing With Someone Who Is Performing” (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Porsha Stewart on Kenya Moore: “I’m Dealing With Someone Who Is Performing” (VIDEO)

After all of the name calling, hair pulling, and tears spilling that went down between Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore at the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, we thought all bridges had been burned for the two. But during Porsha’s May 4 one-on-one with Andy Cohen, she made it seem like there may actually still be hope yet for the dueling divas.

During the clubhouse sit-down, Andy checked in with Porsha for the first time since the dramatic reunion — and the ensuing assault charges that Kenya filed against her. He asked the “Flatline” singer what she would do if she were in the same room with the former Miss USA now.

“Now I know what I’m dealing with,” Porsha explained. “Watching her cry about Velvet, I thought I saw something that was a sensitive side in her — that was real, possibly. But now I know that I’m not dealing with someone that is operating in reality. I’m dealing with someone who is just performing.”

In other words, Porsha is saying that she now sees Kenya’s verbal attacks on her as being amped up for the show and not her genuine feelings. Definitely interesting to hear her almost feel for her co-star about the loss of sweet puppy Velvet.

Since the two have admittedly not spoken since the instance occurred — we imagine there are some legal implications, as well — Porsha and Kenya have only communicated through the press. But what would Porsha say to her now, if they were face-to-face?

“She needs to take a good hard look in the mirror,” Porsha outlined. “And she needs to be honest with herself. She needs to acknowledge the intentions that day. I could accept an apology, and I could give one, and honestly, I could move on.”

The Housewife even admitted that she was ready to move on after the fight first occurred, but that once the charges and legal actions happened, “it’s out of our hands.”

“There’s no way I could sit down with her at this moment without her acknowledging the situation,” Porsha stated. “She at least has to acknowledge that she had ill will that day, just as I have. If she does that, maybe we can build from there.”

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