Porsha Stewart Says Kordell Gay Rumors Didn’t Cause Divorce
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Porsha Stewart Says Kordell Gay Rumors Didn’t Cause Divorce

Porsha Stewart seemed to imply recently on Real Housewives of Atlanta that Kordell Stewart is gay. So did his sexuality cause their divorce?

Porsha appeared on Watch What Happens Live this week and was asked if Kordell is indeed gay.

"Whether he was gay or down-low, that has nothing to do with why we broke up," Porsha tells host Andy Cohen. "The reason we broke up is because of the treatment - it's all about the treatment."

"If he was down-low, of course I wouldn't know about it that's a secret, right?" she explains. "So therefore, for me, it was the way I was being treated, and just how we were just disagreeing with each other we just grew apart. We just really grew apart."

Rapper Nelly is the other guest on the show, and he has something to ask Porsha. "The real question is, if he was gay, you stayed with him?" Nelly wants to know.

"Well, if he was gay, and I stayed with him, that means I would have known about a boyfriend," Porsha says, which she apparently didn't know about.

So does that clear it up? Uh, we're not sure. But regardless of his sexuality, Porsha apparently just didn't appreciate how she was being treated.

Do you think it's unfair of Porsha to imply that Kordell is gay?

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