Porsha Stewart Says Ex Kordell Physically and Mentally Abused Her! (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Porsha Stewart Says Ex Kordell Physically and Mentally Abused Her! (VIDEO)

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams has long suggested that her now-ex husband Kordell Stewart was abusive towards her in their marriage, but she’s never gone into detail about what that actually entailed. But the aspiring songstress isn’t biting her tongue any longer, and she spoke out on the unhealthy relationship on Access Hollywood Live this week.

In her upcoming music video for debut single, “Flatline,” Porsha displays an abusive relationship that she said somewhat mirrors her own.

"The video ["Flatline"] does touch on domestic violence and some abuse I encountered in my marriage,” Porsha revealed to the daytime hosts. “It’s not exact to what I went through, because, honestly, what I went through was a little bit worse in some instances.”

But instead of allowing Porsha to change the subject from there, Billy Bush asked Porsha directly what happened in their marriage. Her response? “Abuse, physical and mental.” And when they asked if Kordell hit her, she confirms.

“Yeah. There were several different occasions that this happened,” she admitted, though she does explain that not all of their disputes ended in physical violence. "When you’re in an abusive situation, it kind of just builds, and it starts to get worse and worse. And people ask me, why didn’t you tell anybody or call the police, or what have you. I thought that I could make it better … It doesn’t work like that."

Whoa — heavy. If you’re still doubting Porsha’s word here, she also revealed that Kordell has actually admitted to the abuse in their divorce proceedings. “When we were going through the divorce process, we had to sit in deposition hearing, and there wasn't denial, he didn’t deny it," the reality star recounted.

Sadly, Porsha said she never went to the hospital after one of their violent confrontations, and she didn’t ever report anything, either. But as for injuries, she explained that the mental ones are much more enduring:

“I’ll tell you the ones that have stuck with me the most is the mental abuse. I had so much pride in being a wife and being a mother and what that meant to me was big. So for me to be told that I was lazy and that I was stupid and that I wasn’t good enough and that nothing I could do was right, that was really, really hard on me. As a housewife you're trying to be the best, and when someone is constantly ridiculing you, [and] I’m always trying to live up to what that person thinks of me, it’s hard.”

Wow. And for the record, Kordell was repeatedly denied the abuse claims. All we know is that it’s definitely for the best that these two aren’t married anymore. You fly that independent woman flag, lady!

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