Porsha Stewart Says the Mexico Trip “Was a Set Up” Against Her!
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Porsha Stewart Says the Mexico Trip “Was a Set Up” Against Her!

During the past few episodes of Real Housewives of Atlanta, we've watched the ladies laugh, battle, and throw shade all over Mexico during what Kenya Moore called a couples trip to the Riviera Maya. Except, apparently, not everyone was extended a plus-one invitation.

The newly single Porsha Williams is flying solo this vacation and it seems like she's not that psyched about it. Some people have started to wonder why Porsha didn't bring someone with her. After all, Kenya herself decided to invite Miss Lawrence instead of her mysterious “African Prince.” And, at one point, Phaedra Parks even considered bringing Dwight in place of Apollo Nida, due to her husband's past with the hostess.

So, why didn't Porsha even think about bringing a friend or, more appropriately, her sister and personal assistant, Lauren? As it turns out, Porsha says she tried to bring company, but she was set up to be there on her own.

When one of her Twitter followers said that she should have invited Lauren, Porsha replied, "I tried it was a set up."

A few weeks ago, Porsha revealed to a different fan that she was told that she "wasn't allowed" to bring a guest, but now she's going one step further and saying she was intentionally set up to be ambushed. Both Peter and Kenya forced her to come clean about her marriage to Kordell, so we definitely think Porsha is on to something...

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