Porsha Stewart Fires Back at Miss Lawrence For His Read: “That Was Just Nasty” (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Porsha Stewart Fires Back at Miss Lawrence For His Read: “That Was Just Nasty” (VIDEO)

Porsha Williams definitely ticked off a lot of people recently when an old video of her preaching surfaced on the Internet, but now she's the one that's getting angry. Real Housewives of Atlanta regular Miss Lawrence voiced his opinion on the incident, calling her "ratchet" for her comments, and now Porsha is firing back.

Just recently, Porsha stopped by the Russ Parr Morning Show to address the Fashion Queens star’s shade.

For those who missed the controversial video, Porsha was heard grouping gay men and lesbians with drug dealers and prostitutes as people who needed to be "saved." She has since apologized for the clip and claimed that it was taken out of context, but Miss Lawrence clearly isn't buying it.

After calling her behavior "ratchet," Miss Lawrence added, “If you want to hold true to your beliefs, don’t come over to the LGBT community or to the gay girls and want us to help us with your hair, wanna use our gay slang, wanna carry us like your purse."

“I’m not worried about what that bobblehead has to say. He just took it to the left for no reason,” she said on Parr's show, adding, “He could have easily picked up the phone instead of trashing me like that. Stop going out and just being nasty like that. That’s all that was. That was just nasty.”

Do you agree that Lawrence should have spoken with Porsha directly or is he entitled to voice his opinion to whomever he wants? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Russ Parr Morning Show

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