Does Porsha Stewart Consider NeNe Leakes a Good Friend? She Says… (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Does Porsha Stewart Consider NeNe Leakes a Good Friend? She Says… (VIDEO)

Porsha Stewart was a guest on Watch What Happens Live last Sunday, January 5, and a curious caller phoned in to ask The Real Housewives of Atlanta star if she considered her co-star, NeNe Leakes, to be a good friend.

So far this season we’ve seen NeNe take Porsha under her wing a bit and help her through her difficult divorce from Kordell, but NeNe has also been quick to point out that she doesn’t actually consider Porsha to be a great friend, because she thinks their relationship is too one-sided and often feels like she’s giving much more than she is getting in return. In the all-new episode airing this Sunday NeNe even calls Porsha a “bad friend” to her face, causing the newly-separated gal to run away in tears.

So, the question remains: Does Porsha think NeNe is a good friend to her?

“Yes, NeNe is a good friend to me and I think that any real relationship is going to have its ups and downs,” she tells the caller. “At times I may be really sensitive and sometimes she’s sensitive, and it shows, and that’s what you see on the show.”

It sounds to us like Porsha totally hit the nail on the head. From what we can tell NeNe is a nurturing person and a genuine friend, but as Porsha notes she can also be very sensitive, which could help explain the little tiff between the two pals we’ll see this weekend.

Do you think NeNe is a good friend to Porsha, or is she looking for too much in return? Check out the clip below and share your thoughts!