Porsha Stewart Says Kordell “Isn’t a Bad Guy” (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Porsha Stewart Says Kordell “Isn’t a Bad Guy” (VIDEO)

Porsha Stewart’s divorce from Kordell has been anything but amicable, but surprisingly the Real Housewives of Atlanta star doesn’t hate her ex, even though she learned of their divorce through Twitter and he’s said several unkind things since the pair suddenly separated a few months ago.

Porsha talked about her split with the folks over at Dish Nation last month and did admit to being hurt by the divorce, but not by Kordell specifically. When asked about rumors that the divorce was staged to keep her on the show something she has repeatedly denied Porsha dished, “It’s already hard enough, and for me the situation is so unfortunate. For people to say that it’s fake, that’s what hurts, because I’m over here really going through this and everyone is making light of it like it’s fake.”

When one of the hosts remarked that he used to be a big Kordell Stewart fan, Porsha jumped to her ex’s defense.

“You still should be. Just because we didn’t work out, I don’t feel like he’s a bad guy.”

We’ve gotta give Porsha a lot of credit, Kordell doesn’t tell her he’s filing for divorce and changes the locks on her and she’s still being kind to him. Kordell, you let one great gal go!

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