Porsha Stewart’s Co-Worker Says She Needs Anger Management Classes (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Porsha Stewart’s Co-Worker Says She Needs Anger Management Classes (VIDEO)

Porsha Williams may seem like Southern belle, but when it comes to her ongoing feud with her Real Housewives of Atlanta castmate Kenya Moore, she’s got plenty of fight in her.

After allegedly physically attacking Kenya during the RHoA reunion special, rumors were swirling about the possibility that Porsha wouldn’t be asked to return for another season, and it seems that some of Porsha’s new co-hosts at Dish Nation aren’t so pleased with Bravo’s choice to bring her back.

Porsha’s co-host Gary With Da Tea expressed his concern over Posha being welcomed back onto the show, explaining, “I’m still on the fence, if, you know, she should come back or not … It was violence and the kids saw that. The kids saw fighting and fighting’s just not a good thing. When you fight, you should have to deal with your consequences.”

When asked what he thought an appropriate punishment for the ditzy diva might be, Gary responded, “I think she should be put on a suspension until she goes to some kind of anger management class.”

Upon hearing her co-star’s critique, Porsha proved that you can take the girl out of the fight, but you can’t take the fight out of the girl, snapping, “I think we’re going to have some violence right here at Dish Nation if you keep on.”

Do you think Porsha should have to complete anger management classes before she returns to RHoA?

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