Power Rangers Return to the Big Screen — Will You Watch?
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Power Rangers Return to the Big Screen — Will You Watch?

Here's the gritty movie reboot we never knew we always wanted: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are returning to the big screen. Saban will bring back the group of super-powered teens not just in a new movie adaptation, but in a new "re-envisioning" of the franchise. Their partner on the project is Lionsgate — the folks that brought us The Hunger Games, Twilight, and Divergent — so we can only imagine what direction they'll take the students of Angel Grove High.

Yeah, there have been a bunch of re-imaginings of the Power Rangers, and the premise has changed over the years (you know, other than martial artist teens who morph into sweet killer robots to fight bad guys). But don't you worry, because this reboot seems geared toward fans of the OG Mighty Morphin variety of Ranger… although we're not totally sure whether we'll need to catch up on whatever a Robo Knight is in order to follow the film.

"The Power Rangers stories and characters have been embraced by generations of audiences for more than 20 years, and today they are more powerful than ever," says Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer in a press release. Saban, in a statement, called Lionsgate the "perfect home" for the Rangers.

Notably, the Power Rangers never left the small screen — for those not keeping track, the franchise has over 15 spin-offs, currently Power Rangers Megaforce and Super Megaforce (before, it was Power Rangers Samurai and Super Samurai), and there's a little less cafeteria fighting and a little more space travel. Of course, there's one major holdout from the original series: Jason David Frank, a.k.a. Tommy Oliver, a.k.a. the Green/White Ranger. He continues his martial arts work in a more of a consulting role now, though.

Whether or not our favorite characters return for a nostalgia-fest, it seems like the Power Rangers are getting a major mainstream makeover — and we can't wait to see what they do with our favorite, colorful, kickass teens. Let's hope they start from somewhere in the timeline where Zordon's still alive, though.

Will you watch the new Power Rangers movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Lionsgate

05.8.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sarah Anne Lloyd
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