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Power Rangers Movie Gets a Release Date — See an Interview With the 1995 Cast! (VIDEO)

It's finally happening! We now know for sure not only that we're getting a new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie — about 20 years after the hit franchise first expanded to theaters in 1995 — but we know when. We'll get a brand new dose of karate-fighting teens on the big screen on July 22, 2016, and ET Online has the perfect way to celebrate: An interview with the cast of the first Power Rangers film, when our favorite Angel Grove High students battled Ivan Ooze in a battle for the universe.

"It's kind of exciting," states David Yost, aka Billy Cranston, the Blue Ranger, at the start of this throwback footage. "It's starting to hit me, what we did. I mean, we spent three and a half months in Australia making a movie, and I felt like I was just working, doing my job … and now I'm like, wow, we did a movie!"

We have no doubt the next batch of actors to play the Rangers will feel the same way, and we can't wait to find out who they are! For the record, though, our money's on Chloe Grace Moretz for the Pink Ranger and Taylor Lautner for the White (nee Green) Ranger.

"The computer graphics in this movie are unbelievable," says Amy Jo Johnson, who played Pink Ranger Kimberly Hart. They were… uh, kind of impressive at the time, but in retrospect? Actually, "unbelievable" is still pretty apt.

Hit "play" on the video above for the full interview, and let us know your thoughts below! Will you be there opening day in full costume, or will you wait until 2017 or so for it to hit Netflix?

08.14.2014 / 12:00 AM EST by Sarah Anne Lloyd
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