The Predator Test: Scary Video Shows Just How Trusting Kids Can Be
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The Predator Test: Scary Video Shows Just How Trusting Kids Can Be

A new video about stranger danger is giving us the creeps.

The HLN network is airing a special tomorrow on Raising America that focuses on protecting our children from predators, and really, it’s something every parent should watch. Host Kyra Phillips will discuss something called The Predator Test, a chilling experiment conducted by the show in which a man (in reality a producer) poses as a predator, who attempts to lure children at a playground. The result is terrifying.

With the permission of the parents, the man uses a dog as ‘bait’ to get several children to engage with him. The ‘predator’ tells the kids, “I need to go give him some water. Do y’all want to come with me and help me feed him and give him some water?” Several kids rush to help him.

Even though all of the moms involved in the test said they had spoken to their children about ‘stranger danger,’ the man manages to lure a few of the kids to his vehicle, and even persuades one child to get into a cage in the back of his car. The boy’s understandably horrified mother says, “We talked about strangers and he knows not to talk with strangers or go with them. We didn’t speak about strangers with pets… I’m thinking we need to go over some more scenarios and just let him know it’s not okay.”

Phillips can relate to the anxiety of stranger danger can produce, saying, “As a mom, my child’s safety is my number one concern. And my greatest fear is abduction. So not only do I take this special personally, I think every family will learn from it and it will create a really healthy discussion at home.”

Raising America not only plans to make parents aware of predatory dangers, it aims to educate them by giving them tips to keep predators from successfully luring their kids. The special will air Friday, August 2, at 12 p.m. ET.

Source: HLN

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