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Pregnant Alyssa Milano Knew She Was Having a Girl! (VIDEO)

If you thought Alyssa Milano’s baby girl news was surprising, you’ve got another think coming! It turns out that the 41-year-old knew she was having a girl right from the start. That, friends, is what we like to call a mother’s intuition.

“I had morning sickness this time, but it went away right at 12 weeks,” Alyssa tells the August/September issue of Fit Pregnancy. “With [son] Milo, I didn’t have a minute of morning sickness. So I knew it was going to be a girl.”

The Mistresses actress welcomed her first son with husband, CAA agent David Bugliari, back in 2011 and announced she was expecting baby No. 2 this past March. So far, it seems like pregnancy take two is agreeing with the actress. In fact, she is enjoying every moment of it!

“I love it. I don’t think it’s as romantic as we project it to be through the media, but I think what the body goes through is miraculous. It’s such a cool thing to experience. I feel blessed that I’m getting another chance to do it, especially at 41.”

As for gearing up to deliver her baby girl, Alyssa has been taking childbirth class but laughingly admits that by the time those contractions hit, everything she learned will go out the window. “You’ll forget everything you learned as soon as you get to the hospital,” she says.

Source: Fit Pregnancy