Jenelle Evans’s Baby Bump Photo Reported as “Nudity” on Facebook — Do You Agree?
Credit: Jenelle Evans on Twitter    

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans’s Baby Bump Photo Reported as “Nudity” on Facebook — Do You Agree?

Jenelle Evans couldn't be more thrilled about her latest pregnancy (she's due this summer, guys!), but this Teen Mom 2 has her fair share of haters who are doing what they do best: hating. Poor Jenelle can barely get through a Twitter update without Teen Mom fans lashing out at her, and her detractors have straight-up ruined what should have been a great moment in her pregnancy.

Jenelle took it to Facebook to share a gender reveal photo with fans, and in said photo she, Nathan, and Jace appeared covered in blue paint ('cause it's a boy!). Pretty mild, right? Wrong. Apparently some people have taken issue with Jenelle's bare belly being on display (see it here), and the photo was reported to the Facebook Powers That Be.

Jenelle took it to Twitter to share the news along with a message from Facebook, writing, "Really now everyone? Can't you guys just be happy for me, just this one time?!"

Jenelle's warning from Facebook simply says that someone reported her photo for "containing nudity or pornography" and that said photo is being reviewed. Yikes. We'd hardly call a baby bump "nudity," but maybe some puritan fans are especially sensitive. In which case, they should probably report any and all pictures of people in swimsuits that crop up on Facebook.

Are you shocked that someone reported Jenelle's baby bump? If fans are this uptight about her bare bump, we can't even imagine their reaction to Farrah Abraham's entire flawless existence!