Pregnant Ciara Proves She Can Still Crip Walk (VIDEO)
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Pregnant Ciara Proves She Can Still Crip Walk (VIDEO)

If you thought Ciara gave birth already, think again. Girlfriend is still pregnant, and she’s as big as ever. Judging by the size of her burgeoning belly, we’d have to say she is about to go into labor any second now, but since she and fiancé Future never revealed the due date, we’re all guesses here! Now, just because Ciara is about to pop doesn’t mean this momma-to-be can’t do what she does best: break it down on the dance floor.

Just recently, the heavily pregnant singer posted a video on Instagram of herself dancing; and by dancing, we mean crip walking, y'all.

“Ever seen a pregnant lady crip walk? #BlimpeWalk,” she captioned the video. “Goofing off before I hit the track 2 walk #LoveMusic #Love Dance Happy Friday everyone!! XO”

In the video, Ciara gets down to The Notorious B.I.G.’s 1998 hit “Going Back to Cali” and proves that even with a baby bump, she can still dance — that is. until she has to touch her toes, of course. “I can’t even bend down because my belly is so big,” the singer laughs in the video.

It seems like forever ago when Ciara revealed her itty bitty baby bump on The View. Since then, we learned that she is expecting a baby boy— leave it to Future to spill the beans! — and has been seeking out baby advice from fellow celebrity mom Kim Kardashian. On top of it all, Ciara has been embracing pregnancy with open arms, extra pounds and all.

“It feels good to not have to wonder whether your abs are tight enough,” Ciara previously admitted to W Magazine. “I like not being so perfect.” If perfect means not being able to touch your toes while heavily pregnant, Ciara is still flawless as an expectant momma.

Here’s counting down the seconds till Ciara welcomes her baby boy!