Pregnant Jenelle Evans Finds Out Her Baby’s Gender!
Credit: Jenelle Evans on Twitter    

Jenelle Evans

Pregnant Jenelle Evans Finds Out Her Baby’s Gender!

Jenelle Evans giveth and Jenelle Evans taketh away. This notorious Teen Mom 2 star is currently pregnant with her second baby, and after revealing the cutest ultrasound photo ever of her love child, she revealed that she knows that gender! And then she refused to tell fans whether she's having a boy or a girl. Sigh, such a tease.

Jenelle has been waiting to find out her kiddo's sex for weeks, and it's no secret that she's hoping for a girl. But sorry, y'all, girlfriend's lips are sealed!

"Yes we know what we are going to have but keeping it a secret until now," she tweeted on January 30. "Sorry!"

We know, so upsetting. But here's the good news: Jenelle will announce her baby's gender "Next week." Phew.

It's unclear why this starlet is holding off on the big reveal (it's possible that she's agreed to share the news via MTV), but let's just hope Jenelle tells us she's having a boy. No offense to the better sex (who run the world? GIRLS), but it's a straight-up fact that our Twitter feed will be that much more amazing if there is a child named Kaiser all up on it. Fingers crossed!

Do you think Jenelle is having a boy or a girl? Either way, this kid is going to be absolutely stunning. Jenelle's gorgeous hair combined with Nathan's flawless face = perfection.