Pregnant Jenelle Evans Defends Herself After Fans Call Her “Fat”
Credit: Jenelle Evans on Twitter    

Jenelle Evans

Pregnant Jenelle Evans Defends Herself After Fans Call Her “Fat”

Considering that she's a million months pregnant (er, make that nine months), Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans looks pretty amazing.

Last time we checked, this controversial reality starlet (and recent divorcèe!) had only added 18 pounds during her pregnancy, which means she's barely gained any body fat at all! Sure, Jenelle is rocking a big belly and swollen ankles, but girlfriend is far from "heavy" — despite what some of her more judgemental fans might think.

Unfortunately, some of Jenelle's twitter followers were quick to point out a roll of pudge below her armpit in this recent photo, and it's like, think again friends. Pregnant women always gain weight in their breasts, and the fact that Jenelle has implants only enhances her ample assets!

Plus, no pregnant woman should ever be accused of being "fat," and you better believe Jenelle hopped on twitter to defend herself.

"Call me 'fat' all u want to, I'm all baby," she tweeted. She went on to add, "And for everyone telling me I have a 'fat roll' in the pic with Ryan... I'm sorry my boobs r huge now and getting ready for Kaiser.."

Jenelle plans on breastfeeding Kaiser, and judging from her lovely lady lumps. he'll get plenty of good nutrients.

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