Pregnant Jenelle Evans Defends Night Out — Was She Drinking?
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Jenelle Evans

Pregnant Jenelle Evans Defends Night Out — Was She Drinking?

Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans is currently about eight months pregnant with her second child, and you better believe this girl is taking her health seriously. Sure, Jenelle isn't exactly known for making good decisions, but times have definitely changed. Not only has she been sober for well over a year now, she's been eating well, working out regularly, and even gave up cigarettes!

However, Jenelle's shady past has earned her an army of haters who judge her every move, and she even got a few side-eyes when she hit a local club over the weekend. It begged the question, was Jenelle was drinking and partying at eight months pregnant? Say it ain't so!

Well, guys, you can breath a sigh of relief. Just because Jenelle went to a bar does not mean she was imbibing — far from it actually. "Let the rumors fly today," Jenelle tweeted on May 4. "Yes I went out last night so my man could have a good time and I was everyone's DD [designated driver]. I don't care about drinking."

Jenelle also said that she "Could give two f—k less about drinking," and even implied that Nathan usually stays sober when they go out, writing, "[He] hasn't drank in months."

Phew, what a load off. We're relieved to hear that Jenelle stayed responsible, and super relieved to hear that she was Nathan's designated driver. We all know what happened last time this guy got behind the wheel drunk (note: he was arrested for a DUI, tasered, and vomited in a police car...good times!).

Do you think Jenelle should have been out on the town at eight months pregnant even if she wasn't drinking? Let us know below!