Is Pregnant Jenelle Evans Experiencing Labor Pains?
Credit: Jenelle Evans on Twitter    

Jenelle Evans

Is Pregnant Jenelle Evans Experiencing Labor Pains?

It's T-minus just a few more weeks until Jenelle Evans pushes a giant love child out of her lady parts, and we're counting down the days. Yep, this Teen Mom 2 star is nine months pregnant with her second kid, and she's officially ready to pop! By which we mean explode. Seriously, Jenelle's belly is enormous, and she could go into labor any day now!

Sure, girlfriend's due date isn't until June 29, but there's no way to predict exactly when baby Kaiser (yes, that is her child's name, deal with it) will make his grand debut. The little dude could come as soon as right this second, or he could take his sweet time and pop out two weeks past his mommy's due date!

The good news is that Jenelle's ready for Kaiser's arrival — she even recently thought that she was going into labor! We know, intense stuff, but fear not. Turns out Jenelle just needed to pass some gas, a fact that her baby daddy, Nathan Griffith, felt the need to document for us.

"Jenelle: 'Oh baby I was getting real bad cramps and I thought he was coming…”, Nathan tweeted. “Me: 'Really?!' Jenelle: 'But then I farted!'"

Sigh, Nathan is such a wordsmith. Who else thinks he should tell this story at Kaiser's wedding? And every other day of his life? Anyway, it sounds like Jenelle's body is officially experiencing false labor pains, which means it's only a matter of time before the real deal goes down.

When do you think Jenelle will welcome Kaiser into the world? Hopefully soon so we don't have to hear another story about Gas Gate 2014. There's only so much we can handle.