Pregnant Jenelle Evans Responds to False Claims That “Kaiser Was Declared Stillborn”
Credit: Jenelle Evans on Twitter    

Jenelle Evans

Pregnant Jenelle Evans Responds to False Claims That “Kaiser Was Declared Stillborn”

Being a celebrity might seem glamorous, but living life in the spotlight isn't all fun and games. Just ask Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans! Ever since this gal was arrested for heroin possession, she's been dealing with haters left and right.

Sure, Jenelle's made some terrible decisions, but this past year has been amazing for her! Not only has she sobered up, she met the love of her life (oh, hey Nathan Griffith!), and is currently expecting his baby! Yep, Jenelle's nine months pregnant and happier than ever, but that doesn't stop internet weirdos from trying to bring her down.

Jenelle has to deal with untrue rumors on social media almost every day (and usually chooses to ignore them), but the latest false story went too far. In what we assume was an attempt to stir the pot, a Twitter user posted that Jenelle’s “son Kaiser was declared stillborn at 4:36AM this morning [June 1].”

Obviously, this isn't the case (baby Kaiser is healthy and happy in his mom's tummy!), and you better believe Jenelle fought back. “People r really f—king sick. This girl needs mental help. Wishing death upon my unborn son?! REALLY ?!!!!,” Jenelle tweeted in response to the rumor. “I think all these people are just really mad I’m finally happy and staying this way. Sucks to be u."

Who knows what motivated this mean spirited "report," but we're glad Jenelle decided to stand up for herself. Pregnancy is an emotionally exhausting time, and Jenelle definitely doesn't need any added stress!

Can you believe that someone would write something so cruel (and misinformed!) about Jenelle's pregnancy? Let us know in the comments.