JWOWW Dishes on Her and Roger’s Sex Life During Pregnancy — “It’s Awkward!”
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Jenni "JWOWW" Farley

JWOWW Dishes on Her and Roger’s Sex Life During Pregnancy — “It’s Awkward!”

JWOWW and her fiancé Roger have always been candid about their sex life — or, at times, lack thereof. Now that the reality TV star is expecting her first daughter, it looks like getting in the mood is even harder than before.

During a recent photo shoot with In Touch, Jenni admitted, “If you can keep the spark going, do it. But for me, it’s awkward. My body’s going through so much that I’m just like, ‘Ick!’”

We're sure this mama-to-be isn't the first woman to feel that way. But in this case, staying away from sex isn't just Jenni's request — it's doctor's orders! After finding out that she had a low-lying placenta, JWOWW's doctor said that she and Roger had to stay abstinent for 30 days. “Roger asked me how much I paid off my doctor to say that!" Jenni jokes.

While Roger tries to keep it in his pants, Jenni is actually peeing in her pants. “Roger’s family was visiting, and I tried to hold in a sneeze and peed my pants! He just got me a new pair of pants and said, ‘Try not to hold in any more sneezes.’"

JWOWW's other thoughts on expecting? “Pregnancy sucks! I’m exhausted, my boobs are massive and I’ve never been this big. I mean, it’s a blessing, but it’s crazy."

Hang in there, girl! You're just a couple of months from that July due date. And we're sure Roger is counting down the days!

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